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As everyone knows the algorithm is not going anywhere, chronological order is a thing of the past even if we all disagree. Being in the 'Beauty community" on Instagram can be a lot more difficult than most would like to believe. With the algorithm change it has become harder to get yourself noticed, on the other hand it has pushed people to work even harder so that's a plus i guess. All the growth hacks in the world won’t get you anywhere if people don’t care about your content. If you show mediocre content to your followers, they won’t engage with your posts and then Instagram will show your posts to even fewer people. The last few weeks I have been on a post break and what do you know numbers increased (follower wise). It seemed super weird to me that this was the case but hey Instagram right? Sometimes it can be really hard to want to continue the grind and get 0 recognition for your hard work. Generating your own content can be time-consuming and expensive. This is the name of the game, most of your favorite infuencers started this hustle 3,4, even 5 years ago when they had no clue that this is what would come from it. I find the new influencers coming up on the scene right now have lost that mind set completely which is sad because now we have entitled influences who cry about not being on a brands pr list. All the while the rest of us are here posting 2-3 times a day without being bias giving good honest product reviews to our 5k or less following. Trust me I know I sound butt hurt right now but I promise you i'm not. All the hard work and hustle is part of growing as a content creator, if you are finding it to hard to continue doing the work, this industry is not made for you.

As i continue to grow my "brand" whatever that means. I find it easier to just show who I am post content I enjoy and show people my world. I have recently started to just letting go of the stress and started showing the real me. I'd like to look back on my videos down the line and cringe and laugh at these times of my life.

Growing a career online can be really fun and at the same time be super stressful. For the people who keep pushing they're will be a light at the end of the tunnel but to reach it you must be able to work your ass off.

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